In Sacred Service and Reciprocity to All our Relations

For the protection and restoration of our sacred, living Earth

Our Intention

The Sacred Living Earth Trust is a resource and sanctuary space founded in the vision of how we can live upon and with our Earth in physical and spiritual harmony. This foundation is dedicated to embodying and holding ancient living wisdom, and to be an anchor for a greater community that supports one another to live in harmony and service as caretakers of our world.

The trust is a living being in its own right, and carries the energy of this vision. It is a living seed that is being sown with the prayer of protection and restoration of our Mother Earth

The work of the Sacred Living Earth Trust was seeded 15 years ago through a series of visions and dreams. A sanctuary is now being birthed and created in some very pure and pristine land in the Scottish Highlands. The land is nestled at the base of a mountain, surrounded by hundreds of acres of forest on the edge of a fresh water loch, and is only accessible by boat or a day’s walk. It is completely off-grid, powered by renewable energy sources, and has its own water supply coming from mountain springs.

Our work is based on the awareness that our modern society has become overtaken by a way of living that no longer honours the Earth and the needs of the Earth, and as a result she, along with humannity and the rest of life are suffering from contamination and pollution in many different ways. Our species has for the most part forgotten the orginal sacred principle of reciprocity –  that for everything we take, we must give – and as a result we have brought upon ourselves a world out of balance.

As part of this vision, we are committed to help protect, and facilitate ways for people to reconnect with the ancient knowledge and sacred wisdom of our origins. This has been retained and guarded by certain indigenous cultures who have kept this knowledge pure and alive within their traditions. These wisdom keepers are the ones that have held and understand what living in balance and sacred relationship truly means, and are the ones who know how to apply the orginal instructions to restore life from the damage that’s been done. Our planet is on the brink of destruction and as foreseen by our Elders, the time has come for sacred knowledge to be restored and brought back to the people, so that we may remember who we are, and our roles and responsibilities as caretakers of our world.

Working with and in Nature, in ceremony, with wisdom keepers; through group circles, spiritual practice and mentoring, we offer the opportunity for people to come and learn through a living experience. This is a profound work based around soul reconnection, deep listening, awakening and transformation, that inspires new ways of being and living that honour, serve and give sacred reciprocity back to life.

Individual healing is an important aspect of healing the whole. Each one of us is a strand or ‘cell’ of the living body of our Mother Earth, and intricately connected to the web of life. The purpose of the Sacred Living Earth Trust is to give people the tools and experience in order to become ‘healthy cells’ and to have healthy relationships with all of life. What is being built or ‘sown’ here are seeds, seeds that will continue to grow and be carried out into the world.

We have a number of projects and work with the land in process and are laying the foundations for bigger roots and branches to grow.  Projects that are currently in process and/or planning are:

Earth Based Wisdom Teachings, Ceremony and Experiential Learning Immersions; Biodynamic Gardening and Spiritual Permaculture;  Creating a Forest Garden; Native regeneration of the surrounding forest;  Building a Ceremonial Lodge and Ceremonial Grounds.

If you feel inspired by this work and feel a call to contribute or be involved in some way, at certain times in the year we open the space for people to participate in the projects, group circles and for the work that’s required on the land. If you are interested please contact us for an application form. We are also looking for some financial contributions to help with some of the bigger start-up costs, any amount is helpful.

We are a not for profit organisation, and all financial contributions will be used in the purpose, growth and expansion of this work.

We sincerely thank you for your support

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We Are Intricately Connected To Each Other, And To This Living Earth. Every breath we breathe is a sacred breath, a living force that breathes life into everything and everyone. Everything we think, speak and do ripples out throughout the web of creation. We therefore carry a sacred responsibility for our thoughts, our words and our actions.


The greatest gift that each one of us can offer is to live from the heart, emanating the pure, unique expression and light of our soul – in harmony with creation. This is a journey into our origin.. awakening to who we truly are.

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“The Earth needs both physical and spiritual attention and awareness, our acts and prayers, our hands and hearts. Life is a self-sustaining organic whole of which we are a part, and once we reconnect with this whole we can find a different way to live—one that is not based upon a need for continual distraction and the illusions of material fulfillment, but rather a way to live that is sustaining for the whole. And this way to live in harmony with all of creation has at its core a remembrance, an awareness, of the sacred nature of creation, which is also our own sacred nature.


“Hearing the cry of the Earth we are drawn together from all corners of the world, from different religions and spiritual paths. And in response we bring the single voice of our love for the Earth. May we remember our role as guardians of the Earth, custodian of its sacred ways, and return once again to live in harmony with its natural rhythms and laws.”


~ Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee 




Immersions, Group Gatherings,

Teachings & Mentoring

The group gathering and immersion weeks offer a mirror with which to see oneself clearly, integrating tools and practices to develop a way of living and being, in alignment with our soul’s essence. The Sacred Living Earth Trust offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in an environment that is sustained by a living connection with the Divine, receive teachings, reflection and practices, spend time in a pure, raw landscape, away from roads and the outside world, and be a part of a growing work and spiritual community that hold and support one another.

Ceremony & Earth Based Wisdom

One of the principles of the Sacred Living Earth Trust is to live as a prayer. Spiritual practice and ceremony forms the foundation for our lives and the programs we offer. We will be inviting indigenous elders to come and share their teachings, as well as sharing the wisdom that has been passed to us through many years of immersion into these ways. The vision of the Sacred Living Earth Trust is a returning to our origins and the original ways of being and living harmony, within the context of our modern world,  co-creating and inspiring a new vision for our world.

Biodynamic Gardening & Spiritual Permaculture

We embrace organic and biodynamic gardening principles, working in harmony with the rhythms of Nature and the celestial cycles. We have our own organic gardens and polytunnels where we grow our food, are developing a forest garden, manage the forest on our land, and have plans to initiate a project for native reforestation of the surrounding forest plantation.  Being in such a remote and secluded location gives one the opportunity to experience Nature and life free from the distractions of the outside world, and to experience stillness and communication with Nature in a clear, profound way. Work in the land and the gardens is reflective and meditative, integrating the lessons and teachings being brought forth by the group circle, learning to listen, to feel, to witness, to work humbly in co-creation with Nature and the spirits of the land. The work is a commitment and practice, where our intention is to live in a sacred manner, in harmony with ourselves, the living Earth and Creation.

Spiritual Community

The Sacred Living Earth Trust is physical centre, and heart of a community that support and hold one another in awareness, authenticity and practice wherever you are in the world. We are working together to plant seeds that honour and nourish the Earth and the wisdom of our Elders; to heal and create clear relationships; and to live aligned with our individual soul purpose and what we wish to leave behind us for the next generations.

  • "Only one thought. Only one Mother. Only one single word reaches upwards. Only one single trail leads heavenward."

    Mulkuákve - Kogi prayer
  • ​"​Everything that exists here is a product of the Mother herself.
    Everything, including our thoughts and our words What we see in Nature is balance and harmony... This is why we should be thinking ​i​n the same way"
    Spiritual consultations with the Mother, People of the Earth form the Heart of the World
  • "We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."

    Native American Proverb
  • "Make everything a Living Prayer An Offering of Love to Creation"

  • "Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves."

    Chief Seattle